What is the purpose of our home?


I’ve been thinking about why I want to cut down on our belongings. And I’ve realised that it comes down to the purpose of our home, and the specific purpose (or purposes) of each room.

I want our home to be a place of welcome, love, work and rest. A place where we can each express ourselves and enjoy the pursuits we love; and a place where we can invite others in to enjoy the warmth.

As for fulfilling the purpose of each room …

When I walk into the living room I want to relax, and chat.

When I walk into the kitchen, I want to cook.

When I walk into the dining area, I want to eat, and chat some more.

When I walk into our bedroom, I want to sleep, or get dressed.

When I walk into my craftroom, I want to create, and relax.

When I walk into the study, I want to make music, or use the computer.

When I walk into the laundry, I want to clean.

And although that all seems quite self-centred,and self-satisfying, (and possibly there’s a little too much relaxing?? But I am a phlegmatic, after all!) … What I’m really saying is …

I don’t want to have to move stuff out of the way before I start doing what that room was intended for.

We might as well not have all these rooms, if they can’t be used for the purpose they were intended.

I don’t want my energy and resolve drained before I even get started cooking, or relaxing, or creating.

We’ve been going great guns this weekend, tidying out my husband’s workshop, and have chucked out hundreds of items. We’re up to 900 items decluttered since January. That feels good, and I know I’ve decluttered a lot from inside the house recently, also. But this week I’m going to try this new way of thinking. As I walk into each room I’ll make a mental note of just what it is that is stopping me fulfilling the room’s purpose immediately. I expect that in each room I’ll find the same problem – a lack of a clear surface. So then I’ll take action, which no doubt will include more decluttering, and perhaps also some tidying and organising to improve the room’s function.

I really like this post about the purpose of our homes, also. Nester asks some great questions here.

What are the purposes of the rooms in your home?

What’s in the way?

Photo taken last April, when I worked for a month on keeping the kitchen bench tidy.


One thought on “What is the purpose of our home?

  1. First of all..so glad you found me through my blog and took the time to introduce yourself! I look forward to getting to know you better and follow your journey…we do seem to have a lot in common! I’ll add one more to the list – you live in Sydney and I live with Sydney – my oldest daughter is named Sydney : )

    Now…I LOVE this post! I love the idea of identifying the purpose of each room and then making sure the room is ready to serve its purpose. What a simple, yet profound idea.


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