Letting Go

There are lessons in letting go and major benefits along the way – Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

Ah, the letting go. Where the rubber really hits the road.

Once you’re motivated, it’s easy enough to ditch the junk, the broken, the redundant and unattractive bits and pieces that have stayed in your home too long.

But what if you’ve done that and your home is still cluttered? That’s where I am at, I think. I’ve been decluttering for years, but I still look around and see too many items in each space. A lot of these are things I like, but there’s just too many of them. My eyes dance from one thing to the next, my mind jumping chaotically from one unrealised intention to another …

“I should …”

“I never … ”

“But …”

… leaving me with no rest and sucking  my energy from me.

But Courtney’s post reminds me of the possibility that giving up possessions may seem sacrificial at the time, but could have repercussions I haven’t even imagined. That magic might happen when I take that extra step of giving up things that are ‘perfectly good’ but taking up space.

After all, it works for trees, doesn’t it? By letting go of their autumn leaves, they leave room for the magic of new growth and beauty to emerge each spring.


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