Slow family holiday

slow extended family holiday

The weekend before last we had a family holiday. Sixteen of us (my parents, me and my siblings, and our families), piled into a big old house at Nowra for 3 days together, something we do every two years or so, in different locations.

We played tennis, read books, ate, played music and games, watched videos, walked by the river, and ate some more. Mum provided a lot of the food, and each family cooked a dinner each. It was a lazy time for those of us who wanted to be lazy, interspersed with bursts of conversation and exercise.

And it was all good.

Good to see my nieces and nephews growing up and interacting. Good to share food, and walks, and games. Good to be together for more than a few hours at a time.

family tennis

We were fortunate that my parents could find and afford to rent an amazing house large enough for the 16 of us. Not every family could do that. But I recommend that you do try to get away somewhere, all together, whether it’s camping together, or even going on an extra long daytime picnic together. You could meet for breakfast and leave at sundown!

It doesn’t have to be a highly organised time. We just did our own things, but together, if that makes sense. But a few tips for beginners: make sure there’s plenty of food, and, most of all, make sure there’s loads of toilet paper 😉

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