When women gather


We stand around the kitchen island bench, mugs in hand, with kids underfoot clammering for the yummy gluten-free morning tea (that they can’t see, but know is on the bench!). We chat about everyday things, and big things too, as other women arrive.

“How was your doctor appointment?”,

“How has your week been?”

“I’ve been up since 4.30am!!”

“My daughter is driving me crazy!”

Most of us have been together in the group for years now, so friendships run deep, but the new women fit in easily, also, joined by a common love for Christ and a sense that this is a safe environment to share.

Soon the kids go into the living room for creche, and we head to another room for what we’ve gathered for – studying the bible, and praying for each other. For the next 90 minutes we read a passage of the bible, we discuss it, we ask and answer questions, and we challenge each other. The Word of God does its work quickly here, changing hearts as we come to see truths and our shortfalls, words flying fast.

A couple of babies join us, too young for the creche. Soon there will be three babies in the group. Others of us have teenagers. All of us trying to do our best in the roles we’re in – wives, mums, single mums, employees, friends, daughters.  We learn from God’s word, and each other, iron sharpening iron, as God intended.

All too soon, the morning is over and, having first prayed for each other, we head out, strengthened, but at the same time humbled, by the love we have for each other … and looking forward to next week’s bible study meeting.